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1. Brief Introduction of Smart Digital Body Fat Scale

Smart digital body fat scale is a device that a person can use to measure weight and body composition at home. Body composition refers to the relative percentage of body fat, muscle, and water, understanding the body’s fat and muscle content can be an important way for people to track their overall health. At present, most weight scales are equipped with special application software that can be connected to our smartphones or tablets, so we can easily track our weight and body fat measurement records at any time.

2. How does a Smart Digital Body Fat Scale Work?

The smart digital body fat scale uses bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) to calculate the relative percentages of different tissues and substances in the body, that is to measure body fat.

1) When a person steps on a body fat scale machine, BIA will send weak electrical pulses through the body. This "impulse" will encounter varying degrees of resistance from different tissues and substances in the body.

2) Then there is a formula set inside the body fat scale that combines the received resistance value with the information of the person's age, height and gender. These information are usually provided by people through smartphones or other electronic devices.

3) Finally, this formula estimates the relative percentages of total fat, muscle, water, and bone density. Because compared with other parts of the body (such as muscles), fat is a poor electrical conductor and provides greater resistance. Therefore, the greater the resistance the current encounters, the higher the amount of fat in the body. Therefore, a higher resistance value will often result in a larger body fat percentage being calculated.

3. Healthy Body Fat Percentages

About 3-4% of body fat in normal men must be fat, and 10-12% of body fat in women must be fat. Below this standard, it will affect health.

The body fat of men above 25% and women above 35% are obese, which will affect health.

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