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1. Introduction to home health remote patient monitoring

It has been three years since the coronavirus pandemic in 2019. The effectiveness of remote medicine and personalized digital medicine has become apparent in the context of the pandemic. Various signs indicate that a personalized digital health world featuring remote medicine, mobile health and wearable devices is taking shape, which is not only our objective need, but also driven by some force. The transformation and application of home health remote patient monitoring technology in medical care is not new, but COVID 2019 played a catalytic role, pushing digital medicine to the forefront. Digital health is an all-encompassing term, including remote health, which can be personalized in the form of mobile health and wearable devices.

2. How can doctors maximize the advantage of RPM platform?

1) RPM platform allows remote transmission of data between patients and doctors

The main advantage of RPM platform or home care remote medicine is that it allows patients to use portable medical devices for routine testing and gradually send the test results to experts without visiting medical institutions. For example, the 4G wireless smart scale TeleRPM Scale Gen 2 provides accurate weight data for remote patients, which is connected to the health monitoring platform. It is very important for patients with chronic diseases such as congestive heart failure (CHF), liver cirrhosis and other obesity related problems. This benefit is crucial for people with long-term diseases, who need to talk to health care experts more often.

2) RPM platform makes healthcare more accessible

RPM allows experts to contact potential patients. Although many patients can't bear to go to a medical institution or to see a specialist doctor for specific reasons, RPM will help them meet with the doctor for free at home. This is the way that the medical foundation can attract guests when the office is not crowded.

3) RPM platform saves huge amount of money

Because of home health remote patient monitoring, patients can save a lot of money. Through home remote medicine, it is not important to go to the medical center or obtain some information about the test results. In addition, due to the reduction of the frequency of meaningless visits, medical institutions become less crowded, and patients in need of emergency help can be admitted faster. For example, experts from the Institute of Biomedical Engineering at Oxford University have developed an application that can keep patients away from unnecessary personal visits. In the offices where the framework was tried, the number of regular checks decreased by 25%.

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