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Blood pressure is among the four significant body signs besides heart rate, breathing rate, and body temperature. These signs help to show how the body is functioning. Moreover, if the blood pressure is too high or too low, it indicates something is wrong with your health. As a result, you have to monitor. Let us look at how to take and monitor blood pressure at home.

Why we need to take blood pressure?

Taking blood pressure is one of the best means to know your status. Generally, high blood pressure is a silent killer seeing that the symptoms can go unnoticed. However, one can still experience signs like chest pains, headaches, and blurred vision if the pressure is extremely high. Furthermore, untreated high blood pressure can destroy the heart, arteries, and organs. For this reason, it can cause stroke, blindness, kidney failure, and so on.

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Fortunately, measuring blood pressure is painless, fast, and can be done at home.  With the rise of the Covid 19 pandemic, social distancing is vital, and people are required to stay at home. Health is important, especially if you have underlying conditions. Therefore, you have to avoid crowded areas. It is not necessary to visit a clinic, hospital, or doctor’s office to check.  Anyone can do it any time at home. The first step to measure it is by: 

Selecting a good blood pressure monitor

When it comes to health, it is ideal to choose a good monitor. Transtek, as a digital blood pressure monitor manufacturer, its RPM blood pressure monitor has special features. This include:

  • Accuracy: you are aware that accuracy is significant when it comes to health.  With the Transtek monitor, it captures pulse signals accurately. Also, it allows huge records; hence you can easily track blood pressure over time.

  • Good connectivity:  it features 4G, enabling it to send your data directly to the doctors.

  • Easy to use: it is fully automated. Therefore, you only need to put on the cuff, press the button, and the results digitally.

  • Silent: the monitor measures quietly and faster compared to traditional ones.

  • Upper arm type: it assesses blood pressure on the upper arm, thus more effective. For this reason, the results are reliable compared to those which take measurements on wrists.

Transtek Blood Pressure Monitor

Transtek Blood Pressure Monitor

How to take blood pressure at home correctly

  • Position: put the cuff on the bare upper arm, sit upright while the back is supported, put the feet flat on the floor, and support the arm at heart level. Further, the bottom of the cuff should be up the curve of the elbow. Relax for 5 minutes before taking measurements.

  • Time: it is recommended to check same time daily—for example, two times in the morning and evening.

  • Do not take caffeinated beverages, smoke, or do exercises 30 mins before measuring.

  • Use a cuff that fits your arm correctly.

  • Make sure the bladder is empty.

How to take blood pressure at home in a proper way

Blood pressure monitor reading

According to American Heart Association, there are five blood pressure ranges.

  • Normal blood pressure

    Systolic blood pressure is less than 120mm Hg, while diastolic blood pressure is less than 80mm Hg.

  • Elevated blood pressure

    Systolic blood pressure range from 120mm-129mm Hg while diastolic is less than 80mm Hg.

  • Hypertension stage 1

    Systolic blood pressure ranges from 130- 139mm Hg, and a diastolic blood pressure range from 80-89mm Hg. 

  • Hypertension stage 2

    Systolic blood pressure ranges from 140mm Hg or higher, and diastolic blood pressure are 90mm Hg.

  • Hypertension crisis

    The blood pressure is over 180/120 mm Hg.

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Why Transtek?

Transtek is one of the best medical companies founded in 2002. It is popular for its special design and quality in manufacturing smart wearable technologies, Healthcare, and medically approved products.  Moreover, the company focuses on innovative research and development to stand out from competitors.

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