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In medical clinical trial data institutions, there are few clinical studies devoted to blood pressure measurement and its effectiveness. Studies also lack consistency in reporting blood pressure measurements, and some even do not provide detailed information on how to conduct blood pressure monitoring. Therefore, is blood pressure monitor for home useful?

1. Does the blood pressure monitor for home use?

Hypertension is the most common preventable cause of cardiovascular disease. Blood pressure monitor machine for home is a self-monitoring tool, which can be included in the care of hypertension patients and recommended by the main guidelines. Compared with office based monitoring, more and more evidence supports the benefits of patients using blood pressure monitor machine for home, such as improving blood pressure control, diagnosing white coat hypertension, and predicting cardiovascular risk. In addition, compared with 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, blood pressure monitor devices for home are cheaper and easier to implement.

The correct method for wireless BP cuff to measure blood pressure are as follows: sitting comfortably in a chair in the back for at least 10 minutes before reading, place your feet flat on the ground, and place your arms on the table with your heart level with your cuffs. The blood pressure cuff should be close to your body but not tight. It should be close to your skin and not put on your clothes. Avoid talking during measurement. Take readings at least twice in the morning and evening, with an interval of 1 or 2 minutes, and record these measurements for 7 days. Share your readings with your doctor, who will view both the blood pressure range and the average of the measurements.

The wireless blood pressure monitoring cuff TeleRPM™ Blood Pressure Monitor Gen 2 approved by FDA as a Class II medical device is designed to provide services for patients who need remote monitoring. TeleRPM™ Blood Pressure Monitor Gen 2 measures systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure and pulse rate, and then transmits accurate real-time data to the healthcare platform via encrypted 4G wireless technology.

2. The usage of wireless BP cuff

In the past decade, medical grade blood pressure monitor machine for home use has become an effective and convenient means of hypertension screening, which is cost-effective. Noninvasive blood pressure measurement methods include auscultation, oscillography, tonometer and pulse wave recording and analysis. The wireless BP cuff TeleRPM™ Blood Pressure Monitor Gen 2 uses the same technology as the ambulatory blood pressure monitor, but allows patients to monitor blood pressure at any time as needed. Although ambulatory blood pressure monitoring provides blood pressure information at multiple time points on a specific date in unrestricted daily activities, TeleRPM™ Blood Pressure Monitor Gen 2 for home use provides blood pressure information obtained under long-term fixed time and conditions. Therefore, it provides stable readings with high reproducibility and has been proven to be as reliable as ambulatory blood pressure monitoring.

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