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Telehealth's demand proceeds to soar. The remote monitoring healthcare devices tend to take telehealth to the next level consequently establishing a firm base for telehealth is to become the future of healthcare.

Table of contents:

  1. What will be the future of telehealth?

  2. How is telehealth the future of healthcare?

  3. Transtek's premium RPM healthcare devices

  4. Why Transtek?

As the pandemic continues to take the whole world under its veil, the demand for telehealth and remote monitoring healthcare devices continues to increase. It is predicted the demand will keep rising in the upcoming years even after the Covid-19 pandemic is contained according to the report by Frost and Sullivan.

It is anticipated that telehealth will be the future of healthcare. It has the potential to become the new normal for health providers and patients because it's a more convenient and effective way of providing healthcare that can further be expanded by incorporating the latest technology.

Even the FDA is reported to be supporting remote patient monitoring healthcare devices given the FDA Principal Deputy Commissioner Amy Abernethy's statement. "Allowing these devices to be used remotely can help health care providers access information about a patient's vital signs. While the patient at home, reducing the need for hospital visits and minimizing the risk of coronavirus exposure". It further confirms the support of the U.S government for telehealth and RPM devices.

Is telehealth really the future of healthcare

What will be the future of telehealth?

Telehealth will help in recruiting people easily and efficiently without any hassle of advertisements and in-person meetings. Moreover, telemedicine will allow researchers to take more precise readings of patient metrics with the aid of remote monitoring devices that spot variations from patient's standard readings.

Hence, this will facilitate efficient virtual clinical trials. Similarly, telemedicine will be very helpful in reducing the spread of infectious diseases like Covid-19. As people will be avail the service of virtual clinics and telemedicine that'll result in fewer in-person meetings, thus avoiding severe outbreaks.

Furthermore, people don't quite trust the telemedicine services because a doctor-patient relationship is absent: which is prioritized by almost more than 50% of people, according to the study by BMC health services. However, with virtual consultation, people will be able to develop an understanding relationship with their physician, consequently leading people to develop faith in telemedicine services.

The role of telehealth doesn't end here. Young people, especially teenagers, are likely to be more inclined towards telehealth as they’ll be able to avail healthcare at home where they are more comfortable. Lastly, telehealth will make healthcare more accessible to prisoners and inmates who are rather neglected people.

How is telehealth the future of healthcare?

Indeed telehealth is the future of health care. If said more precisely, it will be the new normal. Because there are possibilities of additional disease outbreaks in the future as scientists worldwide have warned about other unknown diseases to emerge soon; along with that, existing diseases can go out of control because bacteria is becoming more and more antibiotic-resistant.

Hence, telehealth is the best option to opt for in such a future with specialized healthcare devices and telemedicine to stimulate this process.

Transtek's premium RPM products:

Transtek is a reputed public limited company, decided to contribute towards the market of telehealth by manufacturing ingenious and high-quality healthcare devices that will play a vital role in the success of telehealth, particularly in the areas of fatal diseases and virtual clinical trials.

The company produces different RPM products that include digital body analyzers and blood pressure monitoring devices. This kind of technology enables people to keep track of their daily health conditions effectively and efficiently.

Why Transtek?

There are various reasons to why you should choose Transtek to, but let me highlight the prominent ones below:

  • FDA, CFDA, KFDA certified devices

  • Compatible with all connections methods such as 4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.

  • More number of patients can be monitored because of ample capacity

  • Reliable products


We can determine the future of today's world will be changing and full of possibilities, one of which is telehealth that will bring a new standard to healthcare and make it more accessible and convenient for the people throughout the world.

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