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1. What is telehealth home monitoring?

Telehealth home monitoring refers to giving full play to the advantages of medical technology and medical equipment in large hospitals or specialized medical centers based on computer technology, remote sensing, telemetering and remote control technology. Due to the impact of the COVID-19, telehealth home monitoring business has gained more and more attention and recognition in disease diagnosis and treatment. Nowadays, telehealth home monitoring has become one of the highlights in the "new normal".

With the development of Internet of Things technology and the popularization of smart phones, telehealth home monitoring has also begun to combine with cloud computing and cloud services. Many intelligent health medical products have gradually emerged, such as remote blood pressure meters and remote electrocardiographs, which can provide daily medical prevention and medical monitoring services. Telehealth home monitoring has also gradually developed from disease treatment to disease prevention. Therefore, many home devices for mobile telehealth home monitoring have also emerged, making it convenient for many people to conduct health monitoring at home.

The blood pressure monitor TeleRPM BPM Gen 2 uses 4G technology to connect with T-Mobile or AT&T's cellular network, and has a built-in cellular SIM card. The distinct features of remote 4g blood pressure monitor include cellular connection, coverage of AT&T and T-Mobile in the United States, major operators in Europe, unlimited M2M data plan, built-in safe white list network, and only authorizing trusted endpoints.

2. Telehealth home monitoring collecting medical data to improve physical condition

Mobile telehealth home monitoring equipment uses digital technology to collect personal medical data and effectively display the results to medical care providers. Once the data is released to the home care center, the patient's medical data can be tracked. The remote health monitoring device provides a monitoring program that can collect various health data from the nursing station, such as vital signs, ECG, temperature, blood pressure, bluetooth blood glucose meter, blood oxygen level and heart rate. The device can also help people detect their physical conditions in real time, so that people and patients can better pay attention to their personal health.

3. Telehealth home monitoring improves the medical environment

Remote medical home monitoring uses the Internet of Things technology to realize the interaction between patients and medical personnel, medical institutions, and medical equipment. Through telehealth home monitoring and detection equipment, the health data detected by patients are uploaded to the platform, and the platform automatically forms a health trend report based on the data and feeds it back to patients and medical institutions. For patients, they can enjoy high-quality medical resources locally and enjoy consultations with experts and scholars in the medical industry, which greatly reduces unnecessary costs incurred in the process of visiting doctors and reduces the impact of illness delay caused by the time spent in large hospitals.

In addition, it can also reduce the pressure on large hospitals to seek medical treatment and improve the quality and efficiency of medical services. For the overall development of the medical industry, large hospitals can take the lead to fully use high-quality medical resources, carry out telehealth home monitoring services, and form a nationwide medical communication, transforming local development into overall development.

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