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1. Benefits of remote patient monitoring in the US healthcare system


The benefits of remote patient monitoring for practitioners and patients are obvious, so let's take a glance at how remote patient monitoring helps the entire US health care system. If we can begin to address the growing costs associated with treating chronic diseases, our health care system can turn more attention to prevention. Industry leaders are fully aware that one of the most effective ways to reduce health care costs and improve patient well-being is through effective prevention, but when so many Americans have chronic diseases, it is difficult to focus on this. With remote patient monitoring, access to care is greatly expanded, and changes in health status can be quickly resolved to avoid crises. This can translate into considerable annual savings due to reduced emergency center visits, as well as hospitalization and readmission.


Even in the face of an imminent shortage of doctors, the US healthcare system will benefit from remote patient monitoring, allowing more patients to receive care. As the number of outpatient visits of patients with chronic diseases decreases, the number of outpatient visits of other types will increase. Practitioners will also benefit from the support of their teams to help pay close attention to patients participating in remote patient monitoring, thereby reducing some of their care burden.


2. The future of remote patient monitoring


Even without a global pandemic, remote patient monitoring has been quietly developing for decades. Now it seems that it is becoming an indispensable part of our health care service system. Medical insurance and private health insurance companies are paying attention to the cost-effectiveness and positive health outcomes related to remote patient monitoring, so as to provide better services for those patients who benefit most from remote patient monitoring. Looking into the future, patients and practitioners' understanding of remote patient monitoring will continue to improve, and the technology will become more complex, which will promote further adoption.


In today's world with COVID-19, remote patient monitoring can help maintain the health of vulnerable patients, while still allowing practitioners to closely and effectively monitor chronic health conditions. In the future, remote patient monitoring promises to further reduce individual and overall health care costs through more effective care management, while avoiding emergency and hospitalization related costs. With all these practical benefits of remote patient monitoring, it may be only a matter of time before it becomes the standard service for most practices.

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