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1. An Introduction to telemedicine system

The telemedicine system is a combination of modern communication technology, computer network technology and modern medical high-tech, forming a network system integrating medical treatment, education, scientific research and information, realizing the transmission, storage, query, comparison, display and sharing of medical information, technology and remote video and audio information. The single traditional mode of visiting the hospital has been changed, and online health consultation, remote video diagnosis and other new modes can supplement and improve the situation of uneven distribution of medical resources and realize resource sharing.

At present, the remote consultation system is usually composed of three modules: video communication, consultation software, and videophone. Its functions include remote diagnosis, expert consultation, information service, online inspection, and remote communication.

2. The functions of telemedicine system

Videophone: The videophone function of the telemedicine system can be used for the basic applications of remote telehealth such as remote consultation, that is, the consultation data, including the patient's medical records, X-ray images, CT images, etc., are delivered to the consultation unit before the agreed consultation date, and the consulting party and the consulted party are able to communicate with each other through the compatible videophone.

Consultation software: The consultation software system that is compatible with the consultation parties can transmit the patient’s electronic medical record, X-ray images, CT images, etc. to the consulted party in advance or in real time through the consultation software, and both parties can also share the functions provided by the consultation software for real-time network interaction. In addition, small-scale discussion and teaching of the disease can be conducted in three or more parties.

Video communication: The video communication of the telemedicine system is an online conference video system, which can not only transmit the consulting patient information in high speed, clear, true and real-time, but also organize the remotely high-end applications such as remote medical video conference, remote medical teaching and training, and remote surgery guidance.

As a new medical service mode, the consultation of telemedicine system has developed rapidly compared with traditional medical means, and has fully demonstrated its advantages in the medical field.

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