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For millions of people around the world living with diabetes, managing blood glucose levels is a daily necessity. The evolution of medical technology has brought remarkable innovations to this crucial aspect of diabetes care. For individuals managing diabetes, precise and reliable blood glucose monitoring is the cornerstone of maintaining health and well-being. The dynamic landscape of medical technology is bringing forth a new era in diabetes care with the integration of cutting-edge features into blood glucose meters. Let's dive deep below and see what the advancements are.


Test strip with single-layer 8-electrode technology

A remarkable leap forward in accuracy and reliability is the 8-electrode technology, TeleRPM BGM Gen 1 is equipped with this technology, which utilizing carbon silver structure electrode design with 8 electrodes printed on one layer, it then provides a comprehensive and precise measurement of blood glucose levels. The more electrodes, the more environmental factors that can be detected and the more interference that can be eliminated, the goal is to make the test results more accurate.


This advancement helps avoid different kinds of environment interference and ensures consistency in readings, empowering individuals to confidently manage their diabetes with accurate insights.

Detailed functions of these electrodes are:

- Code calibration (auto-coding)

- Eliminate hematocrit interference

- Eliminate temperature interference

- Check the humidity exposure

- Check if sample sufficient or not

- Check if test strip damaged or not

- Check if test strip compatible or not

Auto Coding: Streamlining the Process

Auto coding of TeleRPM BGM Gen 1 is another groundbreaking feature enhancing the blood glucose testing experience. This technology eliminates the need for manual calibration, reducing the likelihood of errors and ensuring accurate readings. With auto coding, users simply insert the test strip into the meter, and the device automatically recognizes and applies the correct code. This streamlined process saves time, minimizes user error, and ensures that every measurement is based on accurate calibration.


The integration of 8 electrodes and auto-coding of TeleRPM BGM Gen 1 marks a significant advancement in diabetes management. These innovations exemplify the remarkable potential of medical technology to empower individuals with accurate information and user-friendly experience. With these advancements, individuals living with diabetes can now experience a higher level of control, accuracy, and convenience in monitoring their blood glucose levels. 

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