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Electronic kitchen weighing scales are used a lot at home and business in our daily life. The electronic kitchen weighing scale is an indispensable tool for businessmen. Therefore, it is important for businessmen to use electronic kitchen weighing scales properly. Does everyone need to use electronic kitchen weighing scales correctly? What are the use methods of electronic kitchen weighing scales? What are the problems needing attention when using electronic kitchen weighing scales?

Ⅰ. What are the use methods of the electronic kitchen weighing scale?

1. Correct placement: Before using an electronic kitchen weighing scale, you need to know how to place it first. Under normal circumstances, it should be placed on the horizontal and stable table, so as to be used correctly, and no additional items such as paper can be placed under the scale. Tilting or shaking can affect the reading of the electronic kitchen weighing scale.

2. Correct use: When we use the scale, if it is found that the mercury bubble on the panel deviates, it means that the electronic kitchen weighing scale is not in the horizontal state. At this time, you need to adjust the levelness of the disk surface. Generally, you can rotate the four balance feet of the electronic kitchen weighing scale to adjust the height. You can keep the mercury bubbles on the panel in the middle position by manually adjusting the balance feet.

3. Daily maintenance: Any electronic equipment has a limited service life, so it is necessary to maintain the scale in daily use. We should handle the electronic kitchen weighing scales with care, because severe vibration will cause the paws and sensor pins to loosen and fall off. Therefore, we should to avoid all kinds of bumps and impacts, and shouldn't throw them in moving and handling.

Ⅱ. What are the precautions for using the electronic kitchen weighing scale?

1. Rain or water washing is strictly prohibited. If the scale is accidentally stained with water, wipe it with a dry cloth. Repair the scale as soon as possible when it does not work properly.

2. It is strictly prohibited to bump, impact, and press the scale.

3. Do not place the scale in high temperature and humid environment (except special waterproof anticorrosive scales).

4. Prevent debris from entering the scale, causing damage.

5. If the electronic kitchen weighing scale is not used for a long time, the scale must be wiped up, and put into plastic bags with desiccants. You should take out the dry batteries. When using rechargeable batteries, charge them once every three months to ensure their service life.

6. Calibrate regularly. Calibrate the scale at least once a year to ensure the accuracy.

7. The calibration can be entrusted to a reputable scale shop, laboratory or government verification unit.

8. If it is used in the factory, you can also purchase a set of suitable and qualified standard weights for regular calibration.

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