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In fact, the amount of raw materials used in any delicious dish is very accurate, so it is necessary to have a small electronic kitchen weighing scale. The electronic kitchen weighing scale is a common gadget in both industry and at home, such as the electronic kitchen weighing scales and electronic kitchen weighing scales used to weigh the weight. Electronic kitchen weighing scales are simple and inexpensive tools. There are many brands of electronic kitchen weighing scales on the market, and their quality varies greatly. What are the characteristics of electronic kitchen weighing scales? How to select kitchen scales?

Ⅰ. What are the precautions for selecting kitchen scales?

1. The texture and material of the shell: Kitchen scales with a certain quality will use the first level materials, so the scales have a good surface texture. Low-cost products use secondary materials to save costs, so the appearance is rough.

2. Observe the material of the bracket: Remove the scale tray from the kitchen scale and observe the hole in the top cover. The bracket of the scale tray can be clearly seen. Check whether it is aluminum. Poor quality scales often use iron to save costs.

3. Test with mobile phone: The manufacturers try their best to save electronic materials and elements. As long as you dial a number with your mobile phone and move it arbitrarily on the LCD display or key, the reading will jump disorderly.

4. Check the bottom: The balance foot of a good kitchen scale must adopt rubber material, because high shockproof performance ensures the performance of the scale.

5. Check the AC power supply: ADP is generally not used for industrial products (except balances). ADP can achieve the purpose of saving cost (materials and labor), so it is widely used in low-cost products.

6. Removable battery cover: A removable battery cover requires the costs of one more set of mold and the mold opening. Manufacturers do not take this method in general products, and consider it redundant.

Ⅱ. Characteristics of the electronic kitchen weighing scale

Characteristics of electronic kitchen weighing scales:

1. Remote operation;

2. Automatic control;

3. Intuitive digital display, reducing manual error;

4. High accuracy and resolution;

5. Wide weighing range;

6. Special functions: weight deduction, weight pre-deduction, return to zero, accumulation, warning, etc.;

7. Easy maintenance;

8. Small size.

General families may not be too concerned about placing an electronic kitchen weighing scale in the kitchen, because they are not particularly demanding about food. It is better to prepare one in case of need. We should also pay attention to the maintenance of electronic kitchen weighing scales in daily use, so as to prolong the service life.

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