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Human psychology is complicated to comprehend, but another challenging thing to understand about humans is their behavior and different habits linked to it. We’ll be talking about human behavior and why it is so hard to keep in this article. If that intrigues you and you also want to know some ways to change life behavior, keep reading.

Why do you need to change your behavior?

There is no doubt that it is very challenging for people to change their behavior, primarily dependent on their habits. It’s also true that every year we make new goals and resolutions; however, by the end of the year, we feel disappointed because we cannot get rid of our habits.

There are countless relations between our behavior and the aspects of our life. One of the primary behavior we have is our health behavior or, more precisely, habits towards our health.

What is behavior change and why it is so hard to keep

Each day and every year, we aspire to become more and more healthy and focus on our health, but most of the time, we are unable to get rid of our bad habits: which consequently act as an obstacle between us and a good healthy life.

Nevertheless, changing health habits is essential; for us and our body, for example, obesity is a growing concern in the USA, which is increasing day by day.

Hence, we need to work hard and change the pattern of our living. We’ve to incorporate exercising and a healthy diet in our routine so that we can live a healthy life and bring change to our constant unhealthy behavior.

Ways to change life behavior

There are numerous ways to change life behavior, including exercising regularly, getting enough sleep (7-8 hours every night), eating healthy and nutritious food, meditating, and losing excess weight.

Now, this is incredibly hard and challenging, but it is necessary for a good healthy life. Hence, it’s worth the hustle.

Apart from this, there are many different theories and approaches to behavioral changes in humans. One of them is the health action process approach which can be effective if followed consistently.

The health action process approach involves two types of self-regulatory processes: the goal-setting phase, aka motivation, and the other is the goal pursuit phase, aka volition.

Moreover, the second phase is further divided into two phases, the pre-action and on-action phases. In this approach, motivational self-efficacy, output expectancies, and risk perceptions are considered intention predictors of the individual, which play a vital role in a successful behavioral change.

This is the motivational phase of the approach. In comparison, these motivational factors' predictive implications are known as the volition phase of the health action process approach.

It can be concluded that this is a very detailed and comprehensive approach to behavioral change and can be effective too.

Assistance of healthcare devices in behavioral changes:

Behavioral changes are becoming more and more possible due to the latest technological advances. Countless healthcare devices are coming into existence that provides remarkable assistance in behavioral change.

One of such healthcare devices is fitness trackers; these devices help people keep track of their health and well-being and stimulate behavioral changes.

These devices help in behavioral changes by increasing and bringing more physical activity to an individual's routine.

Plus, these devices also provide detailed data of your overall condition, such as the calories burnt in a day, heartbeat rate, walking distance, etc.

Moreover, healthcare devices like blood pressure monitors help you keep a check on your blood pressure daily. Furthermore, a body analyzer keeps your body weight in control and keeps you away from obesity.

Apart from the above healthcare devices, there is a more advanced method providing highly effective assistance in behavioral changes, which is the fitness application in your phone.

It won't be wrong to say that where healthcare devices are facilitating behavioral changes, apps are revolutionizing and speeding up changing habits.

Transtek's healthcare devices for assistance in behavioral changes:

Transtek is a contemporary manufacturer of several healthcare devices that stimulate behavioral changes in people. Some of the healthcare devices made by Transtek for assistance in behavioral changes are mentioned below:

Transtek fitness tracker:

Transtek fitness tracker let you keep track of your fitness activity throughout the day. It monitors the heart rate 24/7 and provides other data such as calorie burnt. The device also comes with goal achievement reminder and incoming call, message & calendar alerts features for your convenience and efficiency.

Blood Pressure monitor:

This blood pressure monitoring device is a hypertension management device that lets you keep track of blood pressure regularly without visiting your consultant each day. Through this device, you can evaluate your progress in managing blood pressure effectively.

Digital Body Analyzer Scale:

The digital electronic weighing scale machine is a tool for weight management. Without any information about your weight, you’ll face difficulty assessing your performance and being unaware of the effort you’ve to put in to achieve your fitness goal.


Behavioral changes are essential for our overall health and well-being, and healthcare devices are tools that help us stimulate this process. Such devices include fitness trackers and blood pressure monitors. We can also have the Transtek scale in the list of the devices as it helps to keep a check on the body weight. So, if you’re eager to know more about devices like this and ways to initiate behavioral change in your life then, scroll up and read the article.

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