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Do you know you can avail health facilities while staying at home? With the recent advancements in healthcare facilities, there was a need to use technology to provide remote patients' health services. This is now possible by the use of telemedicine.  It is a combination of technology and health-related services. Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is an example of technologies used in telehealth.

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is defined as the delivery and facilitation of health and health-related services, including medical care, provider and patient education, health information services, and self-care via telecommunications and digital communication technologies. 

Oxford's telemedicine definition is "the remote diagnosis and treatment of patients utilizing telecommunications technology."


  • The physician is providing consultation on video conference. 

  • Estimating your diet and exercise need through an app.

  • Getting a prescription through app, text, or mail.

  • Ordering medication through call.

Goals of Telehealth

The goals of telehealth are to:

  • Offer support for self-management of healthcare. 

  • Make healthcare accessible to people living in remote and isolated areas.

  • Improve communication between patients and healthcare staff.

  • Provide medications at your doorstep

  • Make specialist medical consultation accessible to everyone.

What's the next of telehealth

Difference between Telehealth and Telemedicine:

These two terms are often used interchangeably, but Telehealth is a broader term, including digital healthcare services.

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

Remote Patient Monitoring involves reporting, collecting, transmission, and evaluating patient health data through electronic devices such as wearables, mobile devices, smartphone apps, and internet-enabled computers. It gives patients a reminder to measure their weight, blood pressure, pulse rate and send them to their physician. Various electronic devices measure blood pressure, cardiac output, oxygen level, and respiratory rates. 

Review of telehealth development in 2020

In 2020, under the Covid-19 situation, telehealth had gained real importance. Telehealth is a useful option to get healthcare facilities while staying at home. Telehealth services are used to fight against the pandemic. These services are now used to diagnose, prevent, and treat diseases during the Covid-19 outbreak. Telehealth is used to minimize the risk of COVID-19 and to provide care to patients who are self-isolating.

Lots of telehealth startups raised funds during which have a promising future in 2021. Telehealth benefits include increased access, improved worker productivity from not having to take time off and travel to appointments, decreased costs, and clinician time savings.

How is Transtek telehealth/RPM going on? 

About the seller

Transtek is a top-rated OEM/ODM/JDM Company.  Our mission is to improve chronic care management, including weight, hypertension and future diabetes management, by combining expertise and credibility. We are well known for our design and quality in manufacturing medically approved products, smart wearable technologies, and electronic healthcare scales.

Transtek is dedicated to research & development and focuses on technology innovation. We provide more advanced and smart solutions for our customers. Transtek has been integrating resources and creating a "Concept-to-Volume" platform. We offer design, quality, solution, and manufacturing services to top-notch brands worldwide for medical and healthcare technology products.

In 2020, Healthcare Tech Outlook selected Transtek from among some of the most renowned companies as one of top 10 telehealth provider in APAC. Transtek is offering incomparable solutions in the telehealth industry endlessly while at the forefront of tackling challenges during tough times, which brings unparalleled value to Telehealthcare.

RPM Solution

Transtek is offering an IoT platform for RPM that is easy to use. It connects all devices easily, which permits for device communication, management, and data storage efficiently.

What's the next of telehealth

RPM Products

We are providing the following RPM products.

1. Transtek Digital Body Analyzer Scale 

It is a cellular body weight scale. It connects to the 4G network and applies to the RPM platform. It has an extra-large and clear LCD with white digitals. It has an automatic turn-off option without any operation after 10±2S. It is reinforced with 8mm Thick Tempered Glass. It has a maximum capacity of bearing 250kg weight. It can be used on a carpet and having a bigger display 85*53mm. 

The use of 4G network technology embedded in the Cellular body weight scale BS-2001-G allows connection to remote patient monitor (RPM) platform. It's important to feature that it has a 360mm x 360mm platform which is 30% larger than usual bathroom scale.

2. Transtek Blood Pressure Monitor

It provides one-click measurement and automatically uploads data. It uses eMTC technology for irregular heartbeat detection. It receives signal strength indication (4G)and provides date and time indication. It easily connects to the 4G network and applies to the RPM platform.

It's time to move towards telehealth and get healthcare services via telehealth. If you are looking for RPM products and platform, don't forget to visit our site, as all our RPM products are medically certified that meets regulatory consultancy. These products meet the rapidly increasing needs of telehealthcare. 

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