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Just like eating healthy food and exercising, good sleep is vital for your health. Nonetheless, natural sleep patterns can be affected by various factors. As a result, it reduces the quality of sleep. Let us look at the benefits of good sleep, how to get good sleep and the best way to monitor your sleep.

Influence of modern life on sleep

Even though sleep disorders are linked to psychological and physiological mechanisms, these factors are associated with the modern era. The rapid growth of technology has exposed us to electronic devices like computers, televisions and mobile phones. These technological advancements affect human function through damaging sleep time, quantity and quality. If you spend several hours at night on the screen hence sleep for fewer hours, you will lack the energy to perform during the day. Moreover, it will alter moods, appetite, memory and increase the risk of health problems.

Why good sleep is so important

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Why sleep is important

  • Improve productivity: sleep is significant for brain function. Good sleep enhances the performance of memory and problem-solving skills. This contributes to daily productivity.

  • Lowers stress: mental health conditions such as depression are connected to sleeping disorders and poor sleep quality. Moreover, 90% of patients with depression lack quality sleep. Henceforth, a good sleep pattern reduces the risk of depression.

  • Promote weight loss: research shows that individuals who have less sleep tend to have more appetite and take calories. This is because it alters hormones that regulate appetite. Those who get quality sleep tend to consume fewer calories hence weight loss.

  • Improve concentration: sleep deprivation affects concentration. Therefore, adequate sleep boost focus and alertness.

  • Boost immune function: loss of sleep affects immune function. For this reason, the body is at risk of developing common cold, stroke and heart attack.

Click to learn "The importance of getting enough sleep"

Use Transtek fitness tracker to monitor sleep

Tracking sleep helps one to pay attention to sleep health. Transtek fitness tracker is one of the technologies. It helps to monitor how you sleep and give an analysis of the situation. This will allow you to have a good sleep. The fitness tracker can help you to track:

  • Sleep quality

  • 24/7 continuous heart rate

  • Daily activities like steps and calories

Transtek has years of experience in researching and developing fitness tracker. Furthermore, the overall shipping units rank among the top 5 worldwide. Last but not the least, Transtek has built up cooperation with famous mobile brands which provide fitness tracker solution to them.

Transtek Activity Tracker LS439-B (Alice)

Transtek Activity Tracker LS439-B (Alice)

How to get the best sleep


Going for an evening walk will not only boost weight loss but also promote sleep. It improves the effects of sleep hormones, including melatonin. It is recommended to exercise in the morning to expose the body to bright daylight.

Eat appropriately

An empty and full stomach can distract you in the night. You should not consume heavy meals within 2-3 hours before sleep. If you are hungry, take a healthy snack that can satisfy you till morning.


When you relax the brain and body, you keep away the distracting thoughts running in your mind. The research argues that meditation lowers cortisol, a hormone linked to stress. Also, it improves the levels of natural melatonin, which promote restful sleep.

Keep away from the screen

Exposure to excess light can throw away sleep as well as circadian rhythm.  This is because a cell phone emits blue light, which interferes with the production of melatonin, a hormone that controls the sleep-wake cycle.

Peaceful environment

Keeping minimum noise is an important part of positive sleep. If you cannot eliminate the noise, get headphones or earplugs.  Alternatively, you can keep off the sources of noise by a white noise machine or fan. This will prevent the sounds from disturbing you when you are asleep. In addition, ensure the bedroom temperature is not too hot or too cold. Studies support one should sleep in a cool space that ranges at 65 degrees.

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