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1. What are remote patient monitoring services?

Remote patient monitoring service is a healthcare delivery method, which uses electronic devices to monitor patient health outside the traditional clinical environment. Remote patient monitoring service refers to a specific technology used to electronically transmit information between patients and doctors. It is only a transmission system in the broader telemedicine industry.

What is a remote patient monitoring device? Common examples of RPM devices include continuous blood glucose monitors that remind diabetes patients to take insulin, while allowing their doctors to monitor the disease, and digital blood pressure monitors that enable patients to remotely send their blood pressure and blood oxygen condition to doctors.

2. How does the system of remote patient monitoring services work?

Different from other telemedicine services, remote patient monitoring services do not require interactive audio and video and virtual visits, and patients do not have to be located in rural areas. They only need techniques to collect and interpret physiological data. Remote patient monitoring services, like personal clinical services, have no additional requirements for the nursing sites. In addition, the remote patient monitoring service system has great potential in terms of cost savings.

3. Market trends and statistics of remote patient monitoring services

Using a home health monitoring system that supports remote patient monitoring services can reduce the risk of hospital readmission. For example, the Medical Center of the University of Pittsburgh reduced the risk of readmission by 76% and kept the patient satisfaction score above 90% by providing patients with tablet computers and remote patient monitoring service equipment.

The incidence rate of a variety of chronic diseases among the elderly is very high. The elderly can get better care through remote patient monitoring service technology and home care. Some researcher investigated 25 healthcare organizations and found that 38% of healthcare organizations reported a reduction in the number of hospitalizations when they are running a remote patient monitoring service plan which focus on chronic care management, while 17% of them show there's a reduction in costs.

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