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A pulse oximeter is a medical device that measures the oxygen saturation level in a person's blood. It does so by using a sensor placed on the finger, earlobe, or toe to measure the oxygen content in the blood. Pulse oximeters have become a widely used tool in the medical field, particularly in disease prevention and treatment. This article will explore the applications of pulse oximeters.

Clinical applications

In hospitals and clinics, pulse oximeters are commonly used to detect the functioning of a patient's respiratory and cardiovascular systems. For example, for patients with respiratory diseases such as asthma and pneumonia or heart disease, doctors can use a bluetooth pulse oximeter to monitor their oxygen saturation levels. If the oxygen levels drop below normal levels, doctors can take immediate measures such as giving the patient oxygen to maintain their oxygen levels.

Additionally, pulse oximeters are also used in the operating room. Anesthesiologists can monitor a patient's oxygen saturation levels to ensure that they maintain normal respiratory function during surgery. If a patient's oxygen levels drop, doctors can take immediate measures to ensure the patient's safety.

TeleRPM Pulse Oximeter(BLE) 2022 is an important and common device to check oxygen saturation level (SpO2) and pulse rate. It's a small, compact, simple, reliable and durable physiological monitoring device. Include the mainboard, display and dry batteries.

Home applications

Nowadays, more and more people are bringing pulse oximeters home to monitor their own or their family's health. Especially against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, pulse oximeters have become a necessary health tool for many people.

Using a pulse oximeter at home can help people detect respiratory system problems in themselves or their family members in a timely manner. If a person's oxygen saturation levels are found to be below normal, they can seek medical attention promptly or take measures such as breathing exercises or adjusting their posture to improve their oxygen levels. Additionally, long-term use of pulse oximeters can help people understand their physical condition and detect potential health problems in a timely manner.

Athletic applications

Pulse oximeters can also be used in the training and competition of athletes. By monitoring an athlete's oxygen saturation levels, coaches can understand their physical condition and help them better control their movements and exercise their physical strength.

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