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On June 8, 2021, Transtek held a kick-off meeting for the ERP project to promote the establishment of a business ecosystem based on multi-partner collaboration. In order to achieve the business strategy of Transtek——products + services. There are 5 key strategies proposed at this meeting:

  1. Organize the business system

  2. Achieve integrated business

  3. Improve the accuracy of financial accounting & cost control

  4. Develop the effective business decision ability

  5. Form the continuous business management ability

Boosting the digital transformation of Transtek business management and ensuring its high-speed and steady development. This kick-off meeting comprehensively planned the digital construction of Transtek's future business. 

Transtek Service: ODM/OEM/JDM

Transtek established in 2002, which has been concentrating on telehealth management. We are focus on providing customers with solutions of health IoT & telehealth management for sports health & chronic management field. Nowadays, Transtek own the most comprehensive product line of multi-dimensional sign monitoring in the IoT field. The products include cellular blood pressure monitor, smart weight scale and blood glucose meter. Smart wearable products include fitness trackers, smart watches, TWS earphones, etc. In addition, Transtek actively develops remote patient monitoring and works with professional organizations, such as medical care, insurance, healthcare products, and health management.

Transtek is the leading brand of RPM devices in China. Relying on its unique advantages in innovative research and development capabilities and application technology, Transtek has established stable cooperative relations with many world-class telehealth management industry giants. The total annual sales of smart health products exceed 10 million. According to customs statistics in 2019, the total export volume of Transtek electronic products ranks second in China, and the export volume of blood pressure monitors ranks third in China. Their products are widely sold to more than 50 countries and regions.

Cloud Intelligent Management - Transtek ERP Project Kick-off Meeting

Transtek has the in-depth deployment of remote patient monitoring (RPM), focusing on the field of chronic disease management, and providing customers with a total RPM solution integrating smart health hardware + SaaS + medical services. Transtek deeply integrates health IoT, AI data, medical care, and cooperates with medical experts to produce a wealth of evidence-based medicine research results. Created intelligent health modules through research, such as software & hardware integrated remote monitoring, aerobic health plans, disease risk assessment systems, etc. It further enhances Transtek’s core capabilities in the medical & healthcare field. At the same time, it cooperates with well-known medical institutions like Shenzhen Luohu Hospital Group to establish a chronic disease management base, which benefits thousands of households.

Cloud Intelligent Management - Transtek ERP Project Kick-off Meeting

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