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1. What is digital blood pressure monitor?

Digital blood pressure monitor is an electronic device with LCD and cuff. Some will be used on the wrist, while others will be measured on the upper arm. They operate on batteries and display readings in less than a minute.

2. What are the advantages of digital blood pressure monitor?

Accessibility: Especially for the elderly and children. Without any help, they can also use a digital blood pressure monitor to get their blood pressure.

Portable: The digital blood pressure monitor is powered by battery. It is very small and easy to carry. It can be used to monitor blood pressure even on the road.

Accuracy: In addition to the slight changes in readings caused by the patients' failure to properly fasten the cuff, the accuracy of these devices is even trusted by the hospital. You can safely measure your blood pressure at home.

Data Stored: With the memory and storage functions of digital devices, you do not need to spend energy to take down the readings. The digital meter stores past readings with time stamps.

High Cost Performance: The digital blood pressure monitor will not cost a lot. It also save your time to see a doctor and the cost of blood pressure examination.

The maintenance of digital blood pressure monitor is extremely low or even negligible. You can clean it by wiping with a dry cloth and put it back in the box when not in use. You may only need to replace the battery every few months depending on how often you use.

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