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Damages resulted from repeated exposure to loud sound that crosses the standard limit of 85 decibels (dB) or the results from a single loud sound near to ear like some firecracker can cause severe effects on your ear. It can reach an alarming level of hearing loss as well.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), noise exposure is the second most common cause of hearing loss. Apart from hearing loss, the damaging effects of loud sound on ears can't be ignored.

Damage hair cells in your ear:

A person born with 16,000 average hair cells in their cochlea; through these cells, could detect sound and then perceive it. About 30% to 50% of hair cells are destroyed and damaged before any hearing test. The cells once damaged can’t be restored and could cast irreversible loss to your hearing.

Effect on auditory canal:

Noise can also damage the auditory nerve that carries messages about sounds to your brain. Once this nerve is damaged, there are plenty of chances of your hearing loss.

Following are some noise activities that can damage your ears:

  • Listening to loud music through headphones, at a concert, or while you’re playing an instrument.

  • Going to the movies in theatres or cranking up the volume on the TV at home.

  • Going to sporting events attended by large, noisy crowds.

  • Going to fireworks shows.

  • Working with loud power tools.

To avoid the above-mentioned high-pitched sounds, one needed to shun these activities and avoid visiting such places. If it is not possible, like working in a construction site with loud power tools that are unavoidable, Noise cancelling earphones are the best solution for these.

Noise cancelling earphones

If you wish to protect your hearing from unwanted environmental noises, then noise cancelling headphones would be a great option.

Active noise cancellation headphones:

Active noise cancellation headphones capture high frequency and unwanted ambient noise through the microphone and generate soundwaves that are precisely out of phase with unwanted sound. It acts as a barrier that blocks high-frequency sound waves.


Passive noise cancellation earphones:

This is also used for the same purpose, but its functionality is physical. Earcups are designed to block unwanted surrounding's voices, unlike the active one that uses powered electronic circuitry to cancel the noise.

Does noise-cancelling earphones damaging for hearing:

Overall, they are not damaging if we see in the context the harms that high-pitched sounds can produce. You may hear a slight hissing or maybe some person get irritated from it, but hearing is not damaged from it; instead, it provides the following benefits:

  • Increases productivity and reduces stress in noise-producing environments.

  • Noise cancellation can be actively turned off by the user so one can hear outside speakers too.

  • Reduces ear fatigue when used in a long period of noise in airplanes and trains.

  • May help to reduce stress by sensory overstimulation.

If you work in a noisy place or a person whose productivity is enhanced by staying in a peaceful, quiet place, you should go for Transtek sound-cancelling earphones because they are the best in the market.

Transtek Medical Electronics Co., Ltd

Transtek is well known for its quality, design and manufacturing of smart wearable devices and healthcare devices.

As Transtek ensure their electronic products to be highly efficient and workable so, our products are the most advanced solution serving competitive edge in today’s marketplace and growing exponentially.


Transtek noise-cancelling earphones:

Transtek adopted NC100 noise reduction technology in their earphones which are comfortable wearing available in different sizes perfectly suitable according to extended range sizes of ears. It also provides the benefit of dust and waterproof.

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