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Health and safety is the concern of every older man for children. It is also the expectation of children for the elderly. As age increases, health problems become a common problem in society. As a child, because of long-term, you can't immediately know the health of your parents. If you have a smart device that can monitor your parents' health in real-time.

Based on the concerns of children,Transtek provides a health monitor watch that can be used to monitor the health of parents. It is not only suitable for the elderly, but also middle-aged people and children. This watch has heart rate warning, blood pressure measurement, health reminder, two-way call, AI positioning, one-click help, voice micro-chat and other functions. Each function is more practical.

This smart health watch does not have a variety of fancy designs. The overall black color is the main color. It is a very good gift for the elderly and the elders. The watch is firmly fixed on the black inner casing, which avoids the shaking of the watch during transportation and effectively protects the watch.

If the watch's strap is not selected, it will cause damage to the skin. Some consumers have worn a poor quality rubber strap. After wearing it for a few days, the wrist is partially swollen, and allergic symptoms appear, so choose a good strap. Important. This strap from Transtek is made of an integrated skin-friendly material with a concave inner design that is ventilated and protects the skin.

Transtek's waterproof smartwatch for middle-aged and older adults is practical and similar in size to children's watches. The straps are relatively longer, and the inner side of the strap is more comfortable to wear. In terms of function, it adds heart rate and blood pressure monitoring functions, reflecting the care and care for parents and elders. It is like a family-type smart butler. No matter how far away, children can know their parents and elders' health in real-time and care for their parents.

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