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Currently, increasing medical centers are implementing remote patient monitoring telehealth, and solutions with remote patient monitoring telehealth functions used in cardiology, obstetrics, and long-term advanced care are becoming more and more popular. But why are people increasingly interested in remote patient monitoring telehealth services?

1. Remote patient monitoring telehealth saves time

RPM device can minimize hospital stays. Therefore, the medical center can support more patients within a given time, and these patients do not need to wait for weeks to be admitted. They needn't stay on the waiting list or wait for beds, but receive treatment in their comfortable home to reduce stress and continue to receive expert care. Since the remote patient monitoring telehealth center has taken over the first-line patient care, the staff of the medical center can be relieved. Monitored patients will not lose their sense of security because they can quickly contact experts when needed.

2. Remote patient monitoring telehealth controls treatment and improves treatment efficiency

The application of advanced remote patient monitoring telehealth solutions allows remote monitoring of drug treatment and observing the trends and changes in patient life parameters. The treatment clearly increases the percentage of patients who can accept and therefore follow the doctor's recommendations, which can improve processing efficiency. Remote patient monitoring telehealth can also increase the treatment efficiency, and long-term monitoring of patients by using devices with remote patient monitoring telehealth functions is helpful to improve the treatment effect. Continuous measurement of selected parameters can shorten the response time when people using such services are at risk of life or health.

3. Remote patient monitoring telehealth reduces costs

The introduction of innovative services based on new technologies has a positive impact on the image of the medical center. The reputation gained in this way can be successfully utilized, for example, for marketing purposes, to obtain new customers seeking advanced treatment based on solutions that ensure flexibility and improve the quality of patients' lives.

The application of remote patient monitoring telehealth in medical centers is the best solution in terms of cost. It allows reasonable device and personnel management because both are not constrained by a single location due to the use of devices with remote patient monitoring telehealth functions and advanced online communication. An example of this technology includes online medical conferences, which allow residents of small towns (usually with limited contact with doctors) to benefit from professional advices from experts around the world. They only need access to technical infrastructure (professional software), medical infrastructure (such as remote ECG equipment or remote stethoscope), and the Internet.

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