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When it comes to defining the benefits of remote patient monitoring, it's obvious that everyone involved benefits. Remote patient monitoring offers significant advantages to healthcare providers when treating patients with chronic diseases. It also helps Medicare and commercial payers by better monitoring high-risk patients, reducing costly hospitalizations and readmissions. But perhaps most impressive is the benefit to patients of remote patient monitoring. A systematic review of clinical research specifically cited the ability of remote patient monitoring to "enhance quality of life for patients". And that's just the beginning of why the demand for remote patient monitoring has skyrocketed.

1. Remote patient monitoring provides comfortable home care

The opportunity to receive quality care at home is an exciting new development in patient care. Especially for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or advanced renal disease, the ability to comfortably receive most of the treatment and clinical interaction at home greatly improves the convenience, which also helps to improve patient satisfaction. In addition, many chronic care patients are elderly or may have physical disabilities. For these people, it is not only a convenient advantage of remote patient monitoring technology, but also an innovation that may save lives to skip expensive, inconvenient and ambiguous hospital visits and choose home care instead.

2. Remote patient monitoring provides higher quality medical care

Through 24*7 all-weather monitoring, remote patient monitoring also provides an excellent way to track basic patient data, allowing providers to better understand the situation of each patient at any given time. This emphasis on more timely and active nursing is reflected in the CPT code of main nursing management. It is a nursing model that often uses remote patient monitoring, which specifically covers "frequent adjustment of drug treatment plans".

This is good news for providers who want to improve their health outcomes, and even better news for patients who rely on this kind of care to stay healthy and want to stay away from the hospital. For chronic care patients who may be worried about their future, it may be a great comfort to receive care from doctors and clinicians who know more about the situation and are ready to take immediate action to help them.

3. Remote patient monitoring helps strengthen supervision and communication

For patients who have participated in their care plan, one of the greatest benefits of remote patient monitoring device and platform is the opportunity to keep communicating with their care team on key issues at any time. For nursing providers, this is a valuable way to collect more detailed data and feedback. For patients, this means better support and education, which is a key factor in success.

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