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1. Remote patient monitoring-the solution to implement health management

As population health management can promote better results, reduce costs and improve patient experience, its utilization rate has increased dramatically in recent years. Telehealth technologies such as remote patient monitoring have become the driving force of this trend, providing a powerful tool for more medical institutions in more places to implement effective health management solutions.

2. Remote patient monitoring enhances health management

How can remote patient monitoring support health management solutions such as CCM? In short, successful implementation of the CCM program means going beyond strategic considerations to make the best possible use of existed available technologies, not only medical devices, but also other technological innovations such as analysis tools and EHR integration.

Just as Medical Doctor J.CollinsCorder explained in Missouri Medicine, in order to achieve the goal of improving the group health results by "monitoring and identifying individual patients in the group", health management needs "a business smart tool to summarize data and provide comprehensive photos of each clinical patient."

Remote patient monitoring not only provides a basis for monitoring patient data with medical devices, but also provides a platform for doctors and clinicians to easily collect and quickly analyze these data, thus helping to meet these technical needs.

Therefore, by regularly monitoring and transmitting vital signs and other important patient physiological information, remote patient monitoring technology provides doctors and clinical staff with the daily data they need to make the best decisions. For chronic high-risk patients, having continuous or nearly continuous data can play an important role in preventing disease aggravation or hospitalization.

In addition to helping enhance CCM capabilities, remote patient monitoring has been used as its own nursing management model since 2018. The remote patient monitoring nursing mode is also mainly used to manage patients with chronic diseases, reimburse providers to coordinate the settings of remote patient monitoring device, as well as the time spent and data used.

Up to 2022, remote patient monitoring has specially reimbursed for: the time spent on initial program or equipment settings, with each phase of clinical care effective only once (CPT code 99453); the time spent collecting and analyzing remote patient monitoring data (CPT code 99454); additional clinical time spent per patient per month in 20 minute increments (CPT codes 99457 and 99458); data collection and interpretation with 30 minute clinical time (CPT code 99091, independent version that cannot be used with other remote patient monitoring codes).

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