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With the innovation and development of the concept of hypertension diagnosis and treatment, home blood pressure monitoring (HBPM) has become an indispensable means to effectively improve the awareness rate and control rate of hypertension. The ideal HBPM should have the following characteristics: easy to use, manual measurement or automatically repeated measurement, capable of generating an average value during a predefined recording period, and transmitting data to the doctor's office or clinic. Based on the above features, BP monitor is an ideal device.


1.BP monitor: a remote patient monitoring device


RPM device is changing the way healthcare is providing to patients, making it easier to access with lower costs and higher outcomes. Wherever patients are, healthcare providers and project managers can better utilize remote patient monitoring technology to monitor, evaluate and report acute and chronic diseases in real time.


Using these remote patient monitoring devices, patients feel more assured about the quality of their care and have established more contacts with their healthcare providers. In addition, they can easily and comfortably share updates and information about their vital signs at home, after all, which is where chronic diseases really play a role. From BP monitors to blood glucose meters and scales, these non-invasive remote patient monitoring devices can accurately and safely acquire, store, process, and transmit patient data for the reference of nursing teams.


2. Use of BP Monitor


Using the BP monitor for remote patient monitoring of blood pressure is an excellent choice for medical practice, which can ensure that blood pressure drugs are properly titrated before major health events occur. The research cited by the American Heart Association shows that, compared with traditional nursing or self-monitoring methods, the compliance of patients can significantly reduce systolic and diastolic blood pressure of patients due to the use of remote patient monitoring devices. In addition, recording these readings during the longitudinal period can allow the nursing team to better understand the data trends of hypertensive patients over time.


Transtek's BP monitor TeleCuff Gen 1 is specially designed for patients who need remote patient monitoring and has been approved as a class II medical device by FDA. TeleCuff Gen 1 measures systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, and pulse rate, and then quickly transmits accurate and real-time data to the medical care platform through encrypted 4G wireless technology. Its prominent features include providing patients with systolic blood pressure reading, diastolic blood pressure reading, pulse reading, heartbeat indication, error indication during exercise, irregular heartbeat monitoring, date and time indication, low battery indication, 4G signal indication, etc.


Founded in 2002, Transtek is a first-class OEM / ODM / JDM company, which is famous for its quality and design of medical-approved products, such as healthcare electronic scales, smart wearable devices, BP monitors, etc. Transtek integrates resources to create a "Concept-to-Volume" platform for home health care devices. With it, you can not only get high-quality family health care supplies but also enjoy the solutions and manufacturing services of family health medical supplies provided by the platform.

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