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1. Working principle of a wireless weight scale

A wireless weight scale is more than just measuring your weight. Robert Kushner, a medical professor at Northwest Medical College, said that using a sensor technology called bioelectrical impedance, a wireless weight scale can estimate various health indicators and help you achieve your health goals, not just reduce or maintain your weight. A wireless weight scale can be synchronized with your smartphone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to track your progress in a day, a week, a month, a year, etc. If you are looking for a new wireless weight scale, you may hope it provides the following common functions: body fat percentage, water retention, moisture content and basic metabolic rate which determines the energy level and allows users know how many calories they need to consume to maintain, lose or gain weight, subcutaneous fat or percentage of subcutaneous fat, metabolic age or your body age based on basal metabolic rate and bone mineral density.

2. Should we buy a wireless weight scale?

One of the advantages of digital weight scale machine is that it provides more than one health indicator. A scale that provides only one or two measurements does not fully reflect your health. For example, BMI is a common measure of personal health, but it only considers the total weight relative to height. Sarah Hales, an assistant professor of weight management at South Carolina Medical University, explained that despite low body fat, people with high muscle weight may be classified as overweight by BMI, which could be for those trying to improve their weight and health. Understanding the limitations of these measurements is a good first step, just like looking at them as a whole. For example, if your BMI is slightly high, but your fat percentage is healthy, this may be a good indicator. Health indicators other than weight and BMI, such as bone mass and fluid retention, are equally important for various health conditions. These are just some of the features you can get from the wireless weight scale. Tracking multiple health indicators can make some people feel better about their lifestyle and health habits, which may enable them to continue. Researches show that consistent self-weighing is important for losing weight, and maintaining weight. Thus, having a wireless weight scale is beneficial for us.

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