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The emergence of the Internet has greatly changed people's lives. An important feature of this change is that people can connect with the world perfectly without leaving home. The convenience that the Internet brings to life is apparent, but what we should consider more is how to make the Internet bring us health?

1. The combination of the Internet of Things and medical care realizes remote health monitoring plan for patients

The adoption of the Internet of Things in the healthcare industry continues to grow rapidly, with remote patient monitoring (RPM) being one of the largest growth areas. For example, at the beginning of 2020, due to the pandemic, we opened a large number of remote visits, making people more aware of the necessity of remote care. Today, nearly 90% of medical care providers have seen the future of remote health monitoring, and have joined in or planned to invest in remote patient monitoring. Remote patient monitoring technology improves patients and clinical experience, and brings better results and lower costs.

2. What is remote patient monitoring?

Actually, remote health monitoring is a subset of telehealth, which promotes the collection, transmission, evaluation and communication of patient health data through electronic devices (including wearable sensors, implant devices and handheld devices). These devices monitor patients’ health outside the traditional clinical environment, and collect various medical and other forms of health data from blood glucose, blood pressure, blood oxygen level to heart rate, sleep mode and bathroom usage. These monitoring devices have been widely used so far.

TRANSTEK remote medical monitoring is an integral part of remote patient monitoring (RPM) devices that including BP cuff, weight scale, BGM and activity tracker, the measurement data meet needs of reimbursement by CMS.

When these health data are transmitted to medical institutions through remote health monitoring equipment, doctors can understand the patient's real-time data based on the collected patient data, and help patients care for various diseases from chronic diseases to acute diseases. Remote patient monitoring can provide better and more accurate care, and is especially suitable for elderly and vulnerable patients and patients with multiple complications, as it allows these patients to continue living in their own homes.

Remote patient monitoring has many benefits, which will become deep-rooted with the increasing popularity, such as improving patient compliance, enhancing the prognosis of patients, reducing hospital visits or hospitalizations, strengthening post hospital nursing, improving the efficiency of medical staff, saving cost and making better use of resources. Many of these benefits are obvious. Telehealth services not only allow patients to participate, but also allow their relatives to participate, so that they can help monitor the care provided and ensure that patients follow the instructions.

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