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1. Reasons for using a blood pressure monitor at home

Hypertension often has no symptoms, so many people with this disease may not realize its existence, which some experts call the silent killer. Untreated hypertension can damage organs over time and cause a patient to have a stroke or heart attack. Because our stress is constantly changing based on what we do, experts recommend that people at risk for hypertension or those who already have hypertension use a blood pressure monitor for monitoring at home.

Blood pressure is the force that presses against the walls of our arteries as blood flows through the body. It is measured in two numbers, the higher one being the systolic blood pressure. This is the pressure when the heart beats and fills the arteries with blood. Diastolic blood pressure (lower one) is the pressure in the arteries when the heart is at rest between beats. A pressure of 120 to 80 is generally considered normal for a healthy adult, but with many factors to consider, please discuss with your doctor what is normal for you.

The readings doctors get in the office only capture a split second and can be affected by a phenomenon called white coat hypertension. Considering the normal pressure of a people is very low, but every time he goes to the oncology unit, it goes up. By regularly monitoring blood pressure at home, we can be actively involved in our own care, can track progress, and know immediately if our blood pressure medication is working.

There are many different home blood pressure monitors. The easiest to use is a blood pressure monitor with a cuff, which slides onto the upper arm, automatically inflates and provides a digital reading. The cuff must fit correctly to ensure accurate measurements. The inflatable part should encircle at least 80% of the arm. The display should be easy to read. Ask your doctor or nurse to confirm which display might be the best, and have them review your operation to make sure you're using it correctly. You'll also need to have them calibrate the readings against the machine in the office.

2. Tips for using a blood pressure monitor at home

When taking your blood pressure with a blood pressure monitor, wait at least 30 minutes if you consume caffeine, tobacco, and alcohol. Go to the bathroom once before the measurement, as the accuracy of the results will be affected if the bladder is full. Before the test, you will need to sit with your feet on the floor, legs and ankles not crossed, sit quietly for 3 to 5 minutes, then support your arms at heart level, wrap the cuff over bare skin and follow the directions to complete test. Do not speak while measuring.

Blood pressure should be monitored on a schedule agreed between you and your doctor. Use the blood pressure monitor first in the morning before your medication and then in the evening for about a week. Written records of results should be maintained when using a blood pressure monitor, and any relevant special circumstances should be noted.

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