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1. Why Diabetics need Bluetooth® Blood Glucose Meter?

Using a Bluetooth® blood glucose meter to track your blood glucose level can tell you how much insulin your body needs and when it needs. Fluctuations in blood sugar levels can damage your body in different ways. Very high or very low blood glucose levels can be even life-threatening if not treated in time.

Many aspects (such as the food you eat, the exercise you take part in, and your lifestyle) can affect your blood sugar level. But diabetes has different effects on everyone. How food or activity affects a person's blood sugar level is often different from how the same thing affects others. Your body may also be unpredictable. Sometimes, your body may have reactions that even healthcare providers don't understand. All of these factors make diabetes management challenging, even if you think everything you do is right.

2. TRANSTEK's Blood Glucose Meter

The Hub and App of TRANSTEK Bluetooth® blood glucose meter can be linked, and the results of TeleBGM Gen-1 can be automatically sent to the service system through the Hub, so as to obtain the real-time blood glucose monitoring results. The results of TeleBGM Gen-1 can be automatically sent to patients' application to record their blood glucose level in real time. This helps users to monitor their condition of diabetes, improve their diet and physical activity in real time, and adjust the dosage of their doctors. In addition, doctor can better manage patients' blood glucose level according to the data.

TRANSTEK Bluetooth® blood glucose meter has advanced accuracy. A recent independent clinical study shows that all results of TeleBGM Gen-1 are within ±15% of YSI plasma results, which fully meets the current FDA standards.

3. What is the FDA Approved Bluetooth® Blood Glucose meter Like?

TRANSTEK Bluetooth® blood glucose meter has a wide measurement range: 20-600mg.dL, only 0.8 uL blood sample is needed, and the detection can be completed in 5 seconds. It is portable, supporting Bluetooth® 4.1 transmission and using rechargeable lithium battery. Record can reach to 500 pieces of result data with date and time.

As one of the RPM devices approved by FDA, the blood glucose meter can be connected to Apple's iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch through Bluetooth® technology. The blood glucose monitoring system allows the blood test results on the Bluetooth® blood glucose meter to be wirelessly transmitted to compatible devices, and then the results can be viewed and analyzed on the data management application, which can be installed on your mobile phones and tablets.

The application stores blood glucose results and allows recording of activity, carbohydrate intake, and insulin dose. Bluetooth® blood glucose meter allows people to view their data on computers, but the blood glucose data on the mobile phones allows patients to check their results at the most convenient time, whether they are on the bus, on the train or at home, without starting computers.

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