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1. What is wearable health tech?

By using digital health and healthy wearable technologies, doctors can contact patients through mobile applications and telemedicine solutions, which enables them to monitor patients around the clock without being present.

The use of medical wearables in health care provides various benefits and advantages for patients and healthcare providers.

2. The benefits of wearable health tech

Vital signs statistics and real-time health monitoring which provide more timely data for analysis: Medical wearables are valuable tools, which are able to track the vital signs of patients when they are sick. They can continuously record biological characteristics even when users are healthy, so as to help them find solutions when they are sick.

Early detection of disease or risks of major health events: With continuous use, medical wearables have built a unique personalized health model for each user, constantly scanning for 24-hour abnormalities, which points to the detection of acute diseases or accelerates chronic or pre-existing diseases.

Improving diagnosis: Wearable health tech offers great benefits to healthcare providers due to all personalized data tracked and collected. Through long-term monitoring of certain biometrics, they enable medical professionals to better understand the condition of patients so as to make more use of these data to create a more accurate and improved diagnosis.

Encouraging a proactive approach to health care: Since healthy wearable technologies constantly track users' biometrics, users are likely to take a more proactive approach to their overall health care and well-being. They can not only benefit from the collected data as a way to detect potential health problems before they develop into dangerous health consequences, but also prevent diseases, develop healthier habits, and create a conscious and healthier daily life.

Instant notification when biometric readings enter the risk area: Especially for chronic diseases, medical wearables are real emergency tools. When the patient's vital signs deteriorate or reach a certain edge or risk area, users and professionals can be informed in time. Because the device is also useful in anomaly detection, the peaks in the detected biometric data are also conducive to early detection and diagnosis.

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