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Many people, even experts, can use terms such as telehealth, virtual nursing, remote patient monitoring and chronic care management (CCM) interchangeably. In fact, these terms have their own definitions.

1. What is telehealth home monitoring?

Although there is no single standard definition of telehealth home monitoring, Health Resources & Services Administration has defined it as "using electronic information and telecommunications technology to support telehealth, patient and professional health related education, public health and health management". Until recently, telehealth home monitoring was mainly used for patients facing physical or economic barriers in accessing quality health care. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth home monitoring became more popular, and telehealth could be used regardless of the distance of treatment and economic barriers. In fact, as part of the Coronavirus Assistance, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act, the COVID-19 telehealth plan was established to "help health care providers offer patients with connected medical services at home or in mobile locations to respond to COVID-19 pandemic."

2. Use of telehealth home monitoring

Telehealth home monitoring refers to any content tracking or exchange conducted by a person to track or optimize his or her health, which includes, but is not limited to:

Telehealth home monitoring uses computers, mobile phones or tablets to create or maintain food or drug logs, or uses medical devices to monitor blood glucose levels, blood pressure, weight or any other health-related indicators, and sends information to healthcare professionals for review.

TRANSTEK remote medical monitoring is an integral part of remote patient monitoring (RPM) devices that including BP cuff, weight scale, BGM and activity tracker, the measurement data meet needs of reimbursement by CMS.

Watch videos or read articles on the nursing provider's website or portal; use the online portal of the nursing provider to view the test results, enter health-related data or request supplementary prescriptions; arrange or manage meetings with healthcare providers; order drugs or medical supplies online; telehealth home monitoring and healthcare providers send and receive text, e-mail, and alerts for preventive care.

It should be noted that telehealth home monitoring is not necessarily limited to providing services from doctors, but also refers to non-clinical services, including other health care services provided by nurses, pharmacists and other professionals, such as clinical care technology, disease health education guidance and public health care services for patients and their families. When patients cannot receive on-site care from medical personnel, telehealth can be used as a tool for patient condition monitoring, diagnosis, treatment and consultation due to its convenience and economy.

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