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In real life, many people suffer from the disease hypertension. During the development of such diseases, human health is usually damaged. At this time, the fragility of blood vessels in the human body may increase, which may cause blood vessel rupture and even cause severe cerebral hemorrhage. Therefore, after the emergence of hypertension, it is necessary to control blood pressure development through patient treatment and pay attention to regular inspection.

Who Should Not Use An Electronic Blood Pressure Machine

Generally, patients can choose the right blood pressure meter at home to record their blood pressure changes. If you notice significant blood pressure fluctuations, you need to tell your doctor right away. Today, electronic blood pressure machines are roughly divided into mercury sphygmomanometers and electronic blood pressure machines. As a compact, portable and easy-to-operate device, the electronic blood pressure machine is well received by everyone. However, not everyone is suitable for electronic sphygmomanometers.

1.Arrhythmic people

Electronic blood pressure machines generally use the oscillometric method to measure blood pressure, and you don't need to perform too many operations to understand the changes in blood pressure. However, people with arrhythmias are not suitable for use with electronic sphygmomanometers. In the case of arrhythmia, a person's heart beats abnormally and can even affect blood pressure. In this case, the measured blood pressure will be incorrect, so people with arrhythmia should not use the electronic blood pressure monitor.

2. Obese people

Because the electronic sphygmomanometer uses sensors to record blood pressure, if the body is too obese, it is best not to use the electronic sphygmomanometer at this time. Obese people use electronic blood pressure timer. At this time, the accumulation of body fat will affect the results of blood pressure measurement.

3. Alzheimer's patients

Because the blood pressure monitor uses the oscillometric method to measure, the results produced by patients with dementia using the electronic sphygmomanometer may be inaccurate, which easily leads to misdiagnosis of hypertension.

4. People with weak pulses

It is better for people with low temperature and shallow pulse to use accurate blood pressure monitor. Because the blood pressure meter needs to have a strong pulse in the human body and measure under normal temperature conditions, the measured results will be accurate. However, some people are too weak, so they are susceptible to cold hands and feet, and the measured results are easily affected.

5.People with abnormal heart rate

If the number of heartbeats per minute is less than 40, or the heartbeat rate exceeds 240 per minute, it is a case of abnormal heartbeat frequency. In this case, do not use the electronic sphygmomanometer.

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