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With the development of society and the aggravation of aging, the elderly care industry has gradually become a hot spot. China strongly supports the elderly care industry to carry out smart elderly care transformation. At present, smart and home-based elderly care have formed a major trend, and various products and services related to smart elderly care have emerged as the times require.

1. Remote digital blood pressure monitor for the elderly

The care of nursing workers in nursing homes in the past few years has gradually evolved into the current artificial intelligence unattended system, and the product research and development has also followed, thus reducing the care work of nursing homes and home-based elderly care workers. The monitoring of the vital signs of the elderly also needs to use limited medical device to conduct regular and fixed point detection, so as to timely understand the health condition of the elderly, so that follow-up targeted care can be carried out. But now there is a remote digital blood pressure monitor, which can remotely collect the blood pressure data of the elderly.

The traditional detection processes are various, which is a great challenge to the work of the nursing workers and a tedious detection for the elderly, which increases the work intensity of the staff and also takes up the normal life time of the elderly. Many elderly people exclude the elderly care institutions from choosing to provide for the elderly at home on their own, and the community or elderly care institutions and family doctors provide regular care. At this time, the application of remote vital sign monitoring has become useful. Allowing elderly to use a digital blood pressure monitor at home is convenient for doctors to collect data, and also gives the elderly the freedom to live in old age. After all, elderly care at home can feel the joy of family. The 4G RPM remote blood pressure cuff TeleRPM BPM Gen 2 is recommended. Its accuracy has been clinically verified to support the measurement of systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure and pulse, and complies with the ISO 81,060-2:2019 standard.

2. Advantages of remote digital blood pressure monitor

With the application of remote vital sign monitoring equipment and systems, such as remote digital blood pressure monitor, the work intensity of institutional maintenance workers and the cost of institutional and home based elderly care have been greatly reduced, and the efficiency of institutional elderly care and the rating of institutions have been increasingly improved. For the home user, it solves the problem that the family members can not always know the health condition of the elderly, ensuring the nursing workers and relatives to view the user's temperature, blood pressure, heartbeat, snoring, dreaming, leaving bed and other real-time conditions in real time. In case of abnormal vital signs, the early warning information can also be sent to the mobile terminals of the nursing workers (family doctors) and their family members at the first time. The elderly care institutions will display the information on the large nursing screen in real time. If there is an early warning, it will pop up on the screen at the same time, so as to make reasonable response at the first time.

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