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It is understood that a study on the risk factors of death in adult hospitalized patients with COVID-19 believes that advanced age, high SOFA score on admission, and D-dimer level >1 μg/L are risk factors for death. These patients are considered high-risk patients for COVID-19, and it is especially important for them to maintain regular health checks. This is where home health remote patient monitoring comes in.

Home health remote patient monitoring allows doctors to monitor a patient's health, and thus the patient don't need to move to a medical facility pwesonally. This can make life easier for doctors and patients.

1. What is the home health remote patient monitoring?

Remote patient monitoring is the use of mobile devices, information technology and communication technology by healthcare professionals to monitor the condition of patients. Patients can use wearable sensors and monitoring devices for home health remote patient monitoring to obtain data such as vital signs, blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and weight, which the medical device then synchronizes to healthcare professionals.

Doctors and medical professionals analyze data and provide appropriate care. Often, medical professionals will use remote patient monitoring software to help simplify and manage this process. Advances in cellular networks, cloud computing, wearable devices, remote patient monitoring technologies, data storage, and telemedicine have all contributed to the rise of home health remote patient monitoring. For the above reasons, the use of remote patient monitoring is expected to continue to grow in the future.

2. Home health remote patient monitoring is worth choosing

While this can be a large upfront investment in medical equipment and software, the use of remote patient monitoring can pay off even more over time, both in terms of improving the medical practice and better helping patients. Home health remote patient monitoring can reduce congestion in doctor waiting rooms, so that doctors can spend more time with patients who need immediate attention. It can lead to increased productivity because doctors can see more patients, resulting in higher revenue for the clinic.

Especially now that there are fewer medical restrictions and home health remote patient monitoring has opened up to a wider pool of medicare patients, it's important to invest in this in the long run. Experts predict this may become a new development trend, and patients may start to expect their care providers to support this level of care.

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