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1. What is CPT code 99453?

The CPT code 99453 is the billing code for setting the remote patient monitoring device for the patient. It compensates the provider for the time it takes to set up the device and educate the patient how to use their new home monitor. This code is different from some other CPT codes because it is only used once for each patient, rather than a monthly or annual billing code. CPT code 99453 has its own set of rules and qualifications.

2. Related issues of CPT code 99453

1) What is the relationship between CPT code 99453 and remote patient monitoring? CPT code 99453 is a billing code, which is used to compensate the provider's enrollment, initial equipment settings and patient education when setting the remote patient monitoring device.

2) What services do CPT code 99453 need? The services required by the CPT code 99453 specified in the medical insurance guide are: initial setting and initial patient education on the use of the device. Medical insurance also requires clinical staff or under the supervision of the attending physician to spend time helping patients set up equipment and adapt it to the use of equipment.

3) Who is eligible for CPT code 99453? The eligible population for remote patient monitoring has increased significantly in the past few years, including patients who are now eligible for CPT code 99453. Remote patient monitoring was previously limited to chronically ill medicare patients who had been established with their primary physicians and clinicians, thereby preventing new patients from being added to the program without first-time personal visits. Due to the current public health emergency, these initial personal visits are no longer open to some people. Therefore, doctors can now use remote communication to make the first visit and establish a virtual relationship with medicare patients with chronic diseases.

4) What device does CPT code 99453 use? The main devices used for CPT code 99453 are: blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter, blood glucose monitor and digital scale.

5) Does CPT code 99453 cover device cost? For billing, the CPT code 99453 will only cover the time cost of setting up the device and educating the patient on the use of the device. Costs and freight of RPM device will not be reimbursed.

6) How long can you bill for CPT code 99453? The unique feature of CPT code 99453 is that it is an initial billing code. During the device setup, each patient can only be billed once. Other codes (e.g., CPT 99454 and CPT 99457) can be billed on a monthly basis for continuous service costs, equipment supply and treatment services.

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