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Before we get to know about the tips to lose excess weight, we should know our purposes. Certainly, we want to keep away from obesity and overweight.

Obesity and overweight

Obesity and overweight can be defined as the states in which the body fat accumulates excessively in the body and cause severe impairment of the body's health.

World Health Organization's definitions of obesity and overweight for adults:

WHO measures the extent of obesity and overweight according to body mass index (BMI). It is a simple index weight-for-height that is useful for the classification of obesity and overweight in adults.

According to context, WHO defines overweight as BMI greater than or equal to 25, while obesity can be defined as BMI greater than or equal to 30.

Since BMI is for both sexes and people of all ages, it can be regarded as the most accurate population-level measurement for obesity and overweight. Nevertheless, it should be noted that it gives only a rough measure of fatness as it may deviate from the same degrees of fatness in some people.

Causes of obesity and overweight:

The main cause of obesity and overweight is the disturbance of energy balance between calorie consumption and expenditure.

Obesity and overweight can also result in the following reasons:

  • Excessive intake of food that is rich in fats and simple sugars

  • The decrease in physical activity or exercise. Physical inactivity can occur due to facilitated modes of transportation, increasing urbanization, and sedentary works that require less mental or physical effort.

Tips to lose weight

Effects of obesity and overweight:

The following are the main consequences of obesity and overweight.

  • Cardiovascular diseases (myocardial infarction, stroke, congenital heart disease, and arrhythmias, etc.)

  • Diabetes

  • Cancers (kidney, breast, gall bladder, liver, and colon, etc.)

The risk of these diseases is proportional to the rise in BMI.

Why is weight management vital to attain good health?

Weight management plays a vital role in keeping humans' healthy and active in daily life activities. Since obesity causes severe chronic health conditions, weight management plays an important role at a primary level to lose excessive weight and maintain a reasonable weight to have a healthy and long life.

Weight management includes:

Tips to lose excessive weight

The following are some tips to lose excess weight and maintain a reasonable weight for good health.

1. Don't skip breakfast.

According to dieticians, breakfast is the most important of all meals of the day. Breakfast contributes to a good growth rate and maintenance of a reasonable body weight that keeps the man healthy and active all day long. Moreover, it reduces the risks of growing old earlier.

2. Eat fruits and veggies as much as you can

Fresh fruits and veggies are essential for mental and physical growth as they contain necessary vitamins and minerals. These vitamins and minerals contribute to well-maintained body weight and reduce the risks of obesity and overweight.

3. Adopt physical activities

We can reduce the risks of obesity by adopting regular physical activities like jogging, walking, running, etc. Physicians often prescribe their patients to adopt physical activities because physical exercises contribute to good mental and physical health. They reduce our body's excessive fats and help us make ourselves healthy, active, and smart.

4. Avoid junk foods

Junk foods are harmful to mental as well as physical health. They contain un-necessary calories that contribute a lot to make a person obese. Therefore, we must abandon junk and spicy foods to enjoy a healthy and active life.

5. Don't consume alcohol.

Alcohol causes severe illness of the liver and damages it. As a result, the liver fails to function and causes the death of a person ultimately. Besides this, alcohol causes a man's fatness. Therefore, we should cut down its consumption to have a long and healthy life.

6. Cut down consumption of all kinds of oil.

Oil and its derivatives are pure fats. It holds a position in making a person obese. Therefore, we should avoid all kinds of oils to have a healthy and active life.

Why do we need to monitor our weight?

Our weight is only the way that determines the extent of heart failure and changes in our medicines for controlling extra body fluid. It is immensely important to measure the weight of the body and have a record of weight daily. It helps us reduce our excess weight and maintain a reasonable weight.

Tips for monitoring weight:

The tips for managing a reasonable weight are as follows.

  • Use the same scale daily.

  • Measure weight without clothes or with the same type of clothes.

  • Measure weight at the same time every day.

  • Measure weight after urination but before having a meal.

  • Note down all measurements of weight on a calendar or notepad.

Tips to lose weight

Transtek body scale

Transtek is a Chinese - branded company that manufactures RPM medically approved devices to help people monitor their body composition. It produces two types of digital body analyzing scales.

  1. Body fat scale

  2. Bathroom scale

Both of these scales are used for monitoring bodyweight, but the difference is that the bathroom scale is used for measuring the body weight only, while the body fat scale can measure the body fat, water, BMI, bone mass and many other body composition data.

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