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According to the official website of VDL, a number of products of Transtek Medical (300562.SZ) have been officially validated for clinical accuracy by VDL. This will further consolidate the quality advantage of medical-grade and high standard products, and enable Transtek Medical to expand overseas market and improve the company's qualification system of medical equipment.

The industry's first 4G electronic blood pressure monitor developed by Transtek Medical is suitable for real-time measurement and monitoring of adult systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure and pulse rate, monitoring blood pressure changes, and providing users with scientific diagnosis reference of blood pressure. With the built-in SIM card, it can transmit data to any health service provider in the world via 4G. The product boasts a large-screen LCD display, one-key operation without the need of APP installation and device pairing operation. It is easy and convenient to use, which is a home blood pressure device suitable for telemedicine, and is small, exquisite and portable.

At present, in the field of health IoT (Internet of Things), Transtek Medical has almost the most complete product line, ranging from smart bracelet watches, blood pressure monitors, blood glucose meters, to hardware devices such as body fat scales, sleep monitors, and heart stickers, and then to telemedicine cloud service, SaaS Internet business and other platform services. The product groups established by Transtek Medical provide massive, continuous and multi-dimensional physical sign data for end users and third-party health care institutions.

In order to continuously improve the technology of physiological detection sensor and performance of related algorithms, Transtek Medical's R&D investment has increased year by year, from 56.404 million yuan in 2018 to 11432.19 million yuan in 2020, accounting for 8.55% of the operating revenue. The number of R&D personnel increased from 210 in 2018 to 446 in 2020.

Transtek Medical is committed to becoming a leading provider of health IoT and digital health SaaS service, always attaches great importance to the conformity of medical device standards, and promotes the development of the whole series of products to the direction of medical grade.

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