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1. What is home health remote patient monitoring

The management of cardiovascular disease through home health remote patient monitoring has shown significant improvement in patient prognosis. The data shows that the use of home health RPM device can reduce blood pressure, predict heart failure decompensation and detect arrhythmia as early as possible, thus speeding up the intervention. Heart disease affects about 121.5 million adults in the United States and is the main cause of death in this group. Home health remote monitoring for patients with cardiovascular disease or as a preventive step before diagnosis of cardiovascular disease can help patients live a healthier and longer life, thereby reducing hospitalization and mortality.

2. Remote blood pressure monitoring reduces blood pressure

As reported by the American Heart Association, remote blood pressure monitoring can reduce blood pressure, exceeding the benefits of self-monitoring. During the use of 4G remote blood pressure monitoring, both systolic and diastolic blood pressure of patients have been improved. This benefit can be increased through regular communication between patients and health care professionals, as well as titration of antihypertensive drugs according to remote patient monitoring readings. According to the research published on the Hypertension, clinical cardiology research shows that 91% patients follow the weekly blood pressure monitoring plan, and the target blood pressure is lower than 135/85 mm Hg in the average seven weeks of the plan.

In addition to being an important method for tracking patients diagnosed with hypertension, remote blood pressure monitoring can also be used to prevent patients from developing into hypertension. The ease of use and convenience of remote patient monitoring also make it a useful tool for tracking pregnancy hypertension. In general, the all-cause mortality rate of patients with implanted remote patient monitoring devices is lower than that of patients without implanted devices and longer use of remote blood pressure monitoring results in increased survival probability.

TRANSTEK provides valuable and high-quality home medical products, home health devices, medical and wearable devices and one-stop solutions. For example, the 4G remote blood pressure monitoring uses 4G technology to connect T-Mobile or AT&T's cellular network, and has a built-in cellular SIM card. The application programming interface (API) can be used to integrate with RPM health platform and hospital management system. The 4G RPM blood pressure cuff is clinically verified to be accurate, supporting the measurement of systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure and pulse. The accuracy of remote patient blood pressure monitoring conforms to ISO 81060-2:2019 standard.

In addition to the benefits of remote blood pressure monitoring on the health of individual patients, it also reduces the number of inpatients and the length of hospital stay for heart events, which means that remote blood pressure monitoring can lower the economic burden of these diseases. In the United States, heart disease and stroke cause 214 billion dollars in medical care costs every year. They also resulted in productivity losses of $138 billion. Preventive care in the form of remote blood pressure monitoring is an important tool to reduce these costs in the health care system and the wider economy.

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