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What is self-measured blood pressure monitoring? Self-measured blood pressure monitoring is sometimes named "home blood pressure monitoring", and this kind of patient self-measurement occurs outside the clinical environment.

It is convenient to measure blood pressure at home, and the diagnosis effect is more suitable for the needs of hypertension. Generally, blood pressure needs to be observed in time, so blood pressure measurement is necessary.

People stay at home for a long time, and the environment is relatively relaxed, so they will not feel nervous when they measure their blood pressure at home. Some patients' blood pressure may rise temperately when medical workers measure it, and it may exceed the normal level.

In addition to the self-monitoring of blood pressure, the patient can also closely observe their process of blood pressure reduction through the use of drugs or the adjustment of diet and living habits, so that the patient has more confidence in blood pressure reduction. In addition, the patient can go to the hospital in time when the blood pressure fluctuates.

1. Use blood pressure monitors for self-measured blood pressure monitoring

In order to ensure the accuracy of self-measured blood pressure monitoring, patients should pay attention to buy an accurate blood pressure monitor. The blood pressure monitors TeleCuff developed by Transtek enable patients to measure blood pressure at home and transmit blood pressure data to doctors in real-time. Transtek's Bluetooth blood pressure monitors and 4G RPM blood pressure monitors approved by FDA are suitable for patients' participating in remote monitoring.

The 4G blood pressure monitors TeleCuff enable doctors to better diagnose and manage hypertension and also help patients play an active role in this process. Studies have shown that this process can improve the compliance and health outcomes of hypertensive patients. Transtek's 4G blood pressure monitor TeleCuff Gen 1 is specially designed for patients who need remote patient monitoring (RPM) and rpm device and is approved by the FDA as a class II medical device. The BP Monitor TeleCuff Gen 1 measures systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, and pulse rate, and then quickly transmits accurate data in real time to the healthcare platform through encrypted 4G wireless technology.

2. Why use a blood pressure monitor to measure blood pressure at home?

Allowing patients to measure their blood pressure at home with a blood pressure monitor can improve the diagnosis of hypertension, and for those patients with hypertension, it can help control their hypertension.

Randomized controlled trials have shown that self-measurement of blood pressure using an FDA-approved blood pressure monitor at home can better predict the incidence rate and mortality of cardiovascular diseases than hospital measurement of blood pressure. So using a remote 4G blood pressure monitor such as TeleCuff Gen 1 to guide patients in diagnosing and treating hypertension may better produce results than measuring blood pressure at hospital. Self-measurement can also provide blood pressure readings over a longer period, which can better represent the true blood pressure of patients. Having more accurate and reliable readings enable doctors to assess whether patients' antihypertensive treatment is sufficient to control their blood pressure. With the remote data of the 4G blood pressure monitor TeleCuff Gen 1, doctors can take quicker action without delaying their condition.

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