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There are various body weight scales on the market now, most of which are electronic, some are battery-equipped, and some are lithium batteries, which can be used repeatedly after charging. Some body weight scales are square in shape, some are round, and the materials of these body weight scales are also different, and the dials of the body weight scales are also different. So what are the functions of the body weight scales? What are the precautions for using body weight scales?

Ⅰ. The role of body weight scales

The function of the body weight scale is to accurately measure the body weight. We can reflect our weight control over a certain period of time through daily weight changes. Weight control is the basis of health management. Therefore, it is best for modern people to have a body weight scale in each family to understand the weight of the whole family, which is a very important item to ensure the health of the whole family.

Ⅱ. Precautions for using body weight scales

1. In order to ensure accuracy, it is best to test whether the power is sufficient before using the electronic body weight scale. It is difficult to calibrate a body weight scale, unlike general electronic price scales and bench scales, which can be calibrated by placing dozens of kilograms of weights. A typical body weight scale calibration requires 150kg weights, and the process of putting on and taking off the weights is completed in a few seconds. So in general there is no ability to calibrate electronic body weight scales.

2. When using, your feet must be balanced to ensure the accuracy of the value.

3. The most annoying thing about mechanical health scales is that the pointer will be offset, and it needs to be adjusted frequently to ensure the accuracy of the pointer. It is best to pay attention to the adjustment before use.

4. Shake it a few times before you use it.

5. The electronic body weight scale must be kept well, especially when the battery is low, it must be replaced in time to avoid oxidation.

6. If you do not use the body weight scale for a long time, remove the battery.

7. Don't touch the body weight scale, so the data will be inaccurate.

8. Do not adjust the pointer too fast.

There are monitors showing the weight on the dial of the electronic body weight scale. These monitors can adjust the weight in kilogram or 1/2 kilogram, which is very convenient. Many female friends who lose weight will buy such a body weight scale and keep it at home, which is convenient for weighing at any time, because the electronic body weight scale is more accurate. Although there are various body weight scales, the key to losing weight is definitely not as simple as relying on a body weight scale, the most important thing is our perseverance. Regular exercise combined with a reasonable diet can allow us to better control our weight.

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